Welcome to the DHS Family!

There are a few things agents need when they join a new team.
That’s why DHS Realty is co-sponsoring your AGENT STARTER KIT.

Agent Starter Kit

$ 90*
  • 500 premium business cards
  • magnetic name badge
  • virtual business card & email signature
  • domain registration
  • email account setup
  • your profile/web page

Additional Items in Your Future

sign riders
yard signs
house signs
fridge magnets
car magnets

Why do I need a domain name?

Suppose your name is Sally Smith and you want to use sally@sallysmithrealtor.com as your professional email address.

(A very good choice, by the way—an email with your name in it twice. Talk about name recognition! Way to go, Sally!)

In order to use sallysmithrealtor.com as the back end of your email, you need to register the domain sallysmithrealtor.com.

The very good news is that your domain is exclusively yours. No one else on earth can use it. And it is yours for as long as you want to keep it—which will probably be forever.

Even if your name isn’t Sally Smith.

What's all this about professional email?

The email “catlover286@gmail.com” was fine when you first started to use email, and of course is still fine to contact friends, relatives and fellow cat lovers.

But real estate buyers and sellers need to have confidence in you before they consider trusting you with potential million dollar transactions.

Would you put yourself in the capable hands of nedthesurgeon7@hotmail.com?

When do I get signs and riders?

Once you click on the “CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED!” button, you’ll be filling in some blanks.

Along the way you will see “CLICK TO CHOOSE WHICH OPTIONS TO ADD TO YOUR STARTER KIT.” That’s where essential signs, riders and other printed materials will be.

DHS is co-sponsoring your STARTER KIT, so signs, riders, car magnets and so on are less expensive if you add them now—but they will always be available later, too.

We do strongly recommend getting a couple of “JUST LISTED and “FOR SALE signs now, before you get your first listing, rather than wishing you had them later.